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The Best Barman In The Business

21 August 2019

An incredible scene played out on what seemed to be just another normal day at the lodge.

This thirsty buffalo clearly got his watering holes mixed up when he casually strolled into our bar at Hlosi Game Lodge.

Prior to strolling into the lodge, our buffalo friend spent a bit of time wandering around the fence of the lodge and eventually found a way in via the swimming pool.

After his dip in the pool he stayed inside the fence and continued to browse. All this eating obviously made him thirsty, as he then made his way behind the bar.

Once behind the bar

He sniffed around, helped himself to a brandy and coke, and then left without any damage to himself or the bar and building. He was not drunk or disorderly. 

Guest Elzet Ferreira, who captured the photographs, had this to say, "He was a very old bull, completely relaxed, just inquisitive. He climbed over the decking, wandered around, very curious, and when he saw people in the bar he strolled inside. He seemed incredibly relaxed, he walked through the doorway into the bar area in a curious fashion but cautious not to bump into anything. He wasn't distressed, he wasn't dangerous, he just strolled in. He sniffed around for a brief period and then left out of another door. He was then ushered out of the lodge and back into the reserve. I just found it funny, what better way for the bull to spend a sweltering hot day than go for a swim and a drink at the bar".

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