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Hippos At The Hlosi Waterhole

28 June 2022
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We've celebrated many incredible sightings from the comfort of our family-friendly game lodge on Amakhala Game Reserve, but the most recent one left our guests in awe. Two hippos have made themselves at home in the Hlosi waterhole, right in front of the lodge!

The pair have been seen swimming and floating around before disappearing to explore the deeper depths of the waterhole.


Recent rainfall on Amakhala Game Reserve boosted the water levels making this water source the perfect environment for these amphibious animals - they can fully submerge themselves as well as peacefully graze nearby.

Hippos are an impressive sight on any safari, and even more so directly from the comfort of the lodge.

Currently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, hippo populations have been decreasing as their habitats shrink due to habitat destruction and it has become vital for game reserves and protected areas to provide a safe haven for these magnificent creatures. Amakhala Game Reserve provides a perfect habitat, with a large and safe area for the hippos to make their own.

The waterhole at Hlosi Game Lodge is a welcome oasis to an array of wildlife species with rhino and elephants visiting almost daily. Recently male lion tracks were once again spotted at the waterhole - much to the delight of our guests.


The hippos have been at the Hlosi waterhole for a few weeks now, and all of us are hoping they'll make this their permanent address!

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