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Hlosi's Resident Bird

29 November 2016

It wouldn't be a day at Hlosi Game Lodge without the sweet calls of the Lesser Striped Swallow, or Inkonjane, to add to the sounds and atmosphere of the lodge. These birds have wisely chosen Hlosi as their place of residence throughout the year and especially during their nesting season. They are often seen and heard at the lodge during the day, swooping into the grass for that insect or caterpillar. 

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These swallows are noninvasive and common in grasslands across sub-Saharan Africa, especially around human habitation - perhaps they like the company? These birds have one or two nests on or around the main lodge that they return to every year for nesting season. While the big 5 are usually the thrill and highlight of any safari experience, it's sometimes the smaller charms that just add that extra 'je ne sais quoi' to a morning coffee in the sunshine or a read by the pool.

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